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Since our foundation, we were aiming to popularize Amorphous Transformers that contribute to a Carbon-Free society by significantly reducing standby power.

Recently, our core business is to offer grid connection equipment for Mega-Solar, propose decarbonizing and environment-friendly Solar Self-Consumption equipment and Gas Standby Generator.
We also provide a wide range of products such as Cubicle-Type High-Voltage Substation equipment that takes lesser space and maintainability into account, and a Removable HDMI Full Fiber System features workability and enables long-distance visual transmission.
In order to build a Carbon-Free society in the future, we will continue to Differentiate ourselves not only in Renewable Energy, but also by Minimize the size of our products and proposing Environment-Friendly systems timely.
We will be a partner of our customers, understand sensibilities and sensation.
So that we can provide service that touch your heart.
We look forward to your continued support of EIKOH Brand, which means "Prosper together, Well-Being to our company."

EIKOH Co., Ltd.
President and CEO Akihiko Takashi

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From industrial standard products that make use of our Know-How,
to Custom-Made products that are Engineered and Designed according to your Need, our Experienced team will make an offer for you.

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